Project Samples

This is a quick sampling of some past work to get a flavor of the types of projects we can bring to life. Our development methodologies are inspired by agile principles but incorporate design thinking to ensure we're building solutions that scale and inspire.

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Conference Talks

PyOhio 2015

Presented at PyOhio 2015 in a talk titled "A Trip to the SPA", which gave a live-coding demonstration of using TDD (Test Driven Development) approaches to building single page web applications with Protractor, AngularJS, and Python/Flask.

Past Projects and Work Samples

DoD Big Data Applications (Vertical Knowledge)

Developed multiple applications under a Department of Defense Top Secret Clearance (active through 2020).

Led design and implementation of new products and iterations of existing products using Docker, Python (Django/Flask), ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AngularJS, ReactJS, and more.

Delivered on rapid release cycles with Design Sprints in between to bring functionality to bear quickly while exceeding the needs of the world's most demanding clients.

Healthcare Big Data Applications (Explorys)

Assisted with design and implementation of a Patient Management portal for healthcare population management big data initiatives.

Implemented software primarily in ReactJS, JRuby, and Java on top of MySQL and a HBase/Hadoop big-data stack.

TunnelWatch (DRB Systems)

Led design and implementation of cloud-based connectivity and user interface to an embedded control system that powers car washes. Real-time feedback was enabled via WebSockets, but the system was fully capable without an internet connection through the LAN. Enabled end-to-end security and access without poking holes in the firewall.

Implemented software in C#, node.js, and AngularJS.

StatWatch (DRB Systems)

Led design and implementation of multiple versions of a cloud-based point-of-sale companion app to track business activities. Included machine learning components for forecasting volume projections. Native iOS and Android apps with a full-featured web application (worked with 3rd party to develop native applications using StatWatch API). Scaled MySQL to handle billions of data points.

Implemented software in PHP, Python, R, jQuery. Managed and tuned a signficiant MySQL cluster.

SmartCodes (DRB Systems)

Led design and implementation of an application that helped business market themselves through SMS applications with a barcode and QR-code based application. Integrated with Apple Passbook.

Pebble SmartWatch App (prototype)

Created a companion app for an existing iPhone app that mirrored stats onto the Pebble Smart Watch screen. One of the first 100 apps in the Pebble app store.

Implemented software in C and JavaScript.

Screenshot Coming Soon

Collaborative Drawing (prototype)

Prototyped software and hardware to be used as part of an e-learning classroom. The collaborative drawing features allowed students and teachers to simultaneously work on a SmartBoard synchronized with iPads and other touch devices throughout the classroom and remote.

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Ohio MTB Trail Conditions

Built a mobile web application to allow social posting of trail conditions to help the local mountain bike community know when and where to ride.

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